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I hope you’re all having a good week. It’s that time again…here’s the 12th edition of the 2022 blog!

Our week:

We have had yet another hectic week here at Action Invest!

As we mentioned last week, we completed on our Wigan project that had taken nine months to get over the line.

We were happy to show both Liam and Gleb around the property, allowing them to ask questions to build up their knowledge (video coming soon) and they were able to offer advice for each of the rooms. We spent an afternoon with them going over the finer details and showing them the architectural drawings.

We’ve also been going through the process of finding the correct builder to do all of the works to the property. We’ve had around eight different builders come to work out what is needed to alter the property to a high specification, but also to quote on the total cost. Each and every builder that has come over has mentioned something different that needs changing or fixing in order for the property to benefit the most. It has been really intriguing seeing the differences of opinion from one builder to the next. Because each builder has their alternative views, we expect the quotes that are to be offered to us will also be divergent. We’re really looking forward to seeing the price structure for each company that are wanting to work on the project and making our decision on which builders we choose.

Our Biggest Learning Experiences This Week:

The biggest learning experiences we’ve had this week is SECOND OPINIONS MATTER.

Like I mentioned above, we had several builders in the property inspecting the required works and also had Liam and Gleb at hand to understand these types of projects.

Having all of these people looking around increases the creativity and people offer different solutions to problems. It’s been fascinating seeing this happen and we’ve gained a lot from that process. It has taught us that having second, third, fourth opinions is never a bad thing and can actually go a long way.

Mo’s Top Tip:


Going through the BRRR process isn’t simple. Which begs the question, doesn’t it make more sense to just buy classic Buy To Let properties? Perhaps – it depends on what your targets are. And that is the beauty of property. Each one of you reading this will have different goals to someone else. If you’re wanting to build a portfolio with very little cash and don’t mind the hassle, the Buy Refurbish Refinance method is definitely for you. However, if you’re the type of person who wants a hands off approach and just want a guaranteed return on investment with your money, I would highly recommend going down the BTL route.

We decided to make a video on this decision to choose your strategy. Mo breaks down the pros and cons of each on the video below. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel – there is a lot of content coming your way on there!


Weekly News:

Best property investment ‘hotspots’ for 2022 unveiled

The Express have collated a list of the best investment hotspots in the UK.

We aren’t surprised at all to see both Liverpool and Manchester top the list.

We are based in the North West and are actively looking for properties in these areas. It’s good to see that we’re looking in the right areas for our investors!

More info at:

Co-Deal Sourcing:

If you’re interested in sending regular deals to us to send out on our Deal Alerts, please message “co-deal sourcing” to 07737525850. We look forward to working with you.

Bespoke Sourcing

Here at Action Invest, we offer a bespoke sourcing package to all of our investors. If you prefer us to go out and find a deal that suits your requirements and needs, we are more than happy to do so. Please contact Mo on 07737525850 at your earliest convenience to discuss your next investment!


We have had a few enquiries regarding our mentoring program and we are delighted to announce that we are still taking on new mentees! Mo is eager to speak to you to help you reach your desired goals – contact him on 07737525850!

Check Your Junk Box

We’ve been getting told people aren’t seeing our deals emails every week because it’s going into their junk box. Make sure to check your junk box to see if our emails are going in there. If they are, add us to your ‘Safe Contacts’ list so you won’t miss out any more.


Thanks for reading! We’ll see you soon!

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Our mission is to find amazing deals for our investors that will create a solid return on investment for them, helping them fast track the development of their property portfolios.

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Our mission is to find amazing deals for our investors that will create a solid return on investment for them, helping them fast track the development of their property portfolios.

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