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I hope you’ve all had a great week so far. Here’s the twenty-first blog of 2022!

Our week:

We have had a very good week here at Action Invest. We have made significant progress with the Wigan project. We now have the plasterer starting today and we are seriously impressed with how nicely it is coming along. We were also happy to welcome David Taylor on site on Monday. David came down to weigh up the chimney breast, as well as giving us a better understanding of the HMO regulations and what we need to do going forward. David gave us so much value and we’re unbelievably grateful to him.

We are also hosting our first EVER networking event tonight at the Alchemist in Manchester. We are taking over from Kevin for this month only for the Property Deal Network event. It is completely free and is always a great night.

If you’re free tonight and want to enjoy the company of like-minds, you can get all of the information here:

Our Biggest Learning Experiences This Week:

The biggest learning experiences we’ve had this week is do it. Do it scared. Do it worried. As Nike would say, just do it. What is honestly the worst thing that could happen? You could make yourself look silly but you’d learn. Is it really that bad? Not really. I have personally learnt that this week and both myself and Mo have spoken at length about it. Limiting beliefs are a killer to your growth in business and the more you get uncomfortable, the better you will become!

Weekly News:

The rise of the half-a-million pound property market: Now 15% of Britain is made up of areas where the average home costs more than £500k

The number of hotspots in Britain with properties costing at least £500k rises 50%.

The number of property hotspots around the country with homes costing more than half a million pounds has risen significantly during the pandemic.

Research from estate agents Savills found that the number is up 50 per cent, from 874 electoral wards in 2019 to 1,312 wards in 2021. The figures were based on sold prices from the Land Registry.

It means the total proportion of areas where the average house prices exceeds £500,000 has surpassed 15 per cent of Britain for the first time.

More info at:

Mo’s Top Tip:

UK housing market frenzy shows no signs of slowing

Currently, the media are consistently writing articles about the scale of the dreaded “property crash” and that it is apparently already underway.

I actually disagree with this. We are still seeing so many houses having viewings – to the point where we struggle to get viewings at times. Properties that we have shown interest in can be sold subject to contract within 2/3 days of being listed on the market, which is absolutely incredible. Based from our experience, this market does not seem to be slowing any time soon!

Co-Deal Sourcing:

If you’re interested in sending regular deals to us to send out on our Deal Alerts, please message “co-deal sourcing” to 07737525850. We look forward to working with you.

Bespoke Sourcing

Here at Action Invest, we offer a bespoke sourcing package to all of our investors. If you prefer us to go out and find a deal that suits your requirements and needs, we are more than happy to do so. Please contact Mo on 07737525850 at your earliest convenience to discuss your next investment!


We have had a few enquiries regarding our mentoring program and we are delighted to announce that we are still taking on new mentees! Mo is eager to speak to you to help you reach your desired goals – contact him on 07737525850!

Check Your Junk Box

We’ve been getting told people aren’t seeing our deals emails every week because it’s going into their junk box. Make sure to check your junk box to see if our emails are going in there. If they are, add us to your ‘Safe Contacts’ list so you won’t miss out any more.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you soon!

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Our mission is to find amazing deals for our investors that will create a solid return on investment for them, helping them fast track the development of their property portfolios.

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Our mission is to find amazing deals for our investors that will create a solid return on investment for them, helping them fast track the development of their property portfolios.

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