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I hope you’ve all had a great week so far. Here’s the 23rd edition of the 2022 blog!

Our week:

We all know that this past week has been an irregular one for everyone who works five days per week. We had the Jubilee celebrations which allowed the vast majority of us to have an extended weekend. It has been my birthday weekend so I have had a really nice break with good company. We also had a Jubilee party on Sunday and Mo entered into the hat competition. Unfortunately he didn’t win, but he still enjoyed himself throughout!

As I was at my birthday meal on Monday, Mo went to our Wigan project to check on the progress. It seems to be going very well and we’re looking forward to seeing the end result. We believe we are roughly 5-6 weeks away which is certainly exciting!

Our Biggest Learning Experiences This Week:

The biggest learning experiences we’ve had this week is breaks are necessary. We have been working tirelessly for our investors, trying to find the best properties for your next investment and we have also been trying to work on the business, but with the Jubilee weekend it allowed us to have some time to relax and reset. We are back fresh and are looking forward to doing business with you all.

Weekly News:

Average UK house price hits record of £289,099 but market starts to cool

The average UK house price hit a fresh high in May, rising for the 11th month in a row, according to Halifax data, but the annual growth rate slowed in a sign that the cost of living crisis is cooling the market.

House prices increased by 1% between April and May, or £2,857, taking the average price of a home to a record of £289,099.

More info at:


Mo’s Top Tip:

Number of rental properties in UK almost halves in three years, driving prices higher

The number of rental properties on the market have almost halved over the past three years, according to new research.

According to Propertymark, a body representing estate and letting agents, there has been a 49 per cent reduction in properties available to rent in March 2022 compared to March 2019.

The UK average number of properties available to rent decreased from 30.4 to just 15.6 during the period, clearly revealing the loss of available places for renters to live.

All this does is drives the rental prices of properties even higher because of the lack of supply. There are so many people wanting to rent properties at the moment and with the low amount available, it is the perfect time to get yourself a rental property.

Co-Deal Sourcing:

If you’re interested in sending regular deals to us to send out on our Deal Alerts, please message “co-deal sourcing” to 07737525850. We look forward to working with you.

Bespoke Sourcing

Here at Action Invest, we offer a bespoke sourcing package to all of our investors. If you prefer us to go out and find a deal that suits your requirements and needs, we are more than happy to do so. Please contact Mo on 07737525850 at your earliest convenience to discuss your next investment!


We have had a few enquiries regarding our mentoring program and we are delighted to announce that we are still taking on new mentees! Mo is eager to speak to you to help you reach your desired goals – contact him on 07737525850!

Check Your Junk Box

We’ve been getting told people aren’t seeing our deals emails every week because it’s going into their junk box. Make sure to check your junk box to see if our emails are going in there. If they are, add us to your ‘Safe Contacts’ list so you won’t miss out any more.

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you soon!

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Our mission is to find amazing deals for our investors that will create a solid return on investment for them, helping them fast track the development of their property portfolios.

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Our mission is to find amazing deals for our investors that will create a solid return on investment for them, helping them fast track the development of their property portfolios.

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